Kelburne Hockey Club’s request for a community asset transfer of Ralston Community Sports Centre to the club went live on Renfrewshire Council’s website on Tuesday 24 May. The documents relating to the request can be viewed on Renfrewshire Council’s website. Members of the public have until Friday 1 July to raise objections to the request. If you wish the sports centre to remain in public hands, you should make a representation to Renfrewshire Council by this date.

If you wish to make a representation, you must do so in writing, stating your name and address. Representations should be sent to with the title “Ralston Community Sports Centre CAT Request Representation”. Please copy your representation to A copy of each representation will be given to Kelburne Hockey Club and will be published on the Renfrewshire Council website along with any comment from Kelburne Hockey Club.

All representations and responses are available to read on the Renfrewshire Council website.