As part of Renfrewshire Council’s actions to meet the financial challenges it faces, an annual charge of £40 will be introduced from 10 July 2023 for the collection of garden waste from residents.

The council is not legally required to collect garden waste; so the decision has been taken to introduce this charge in line with two-thirds of other local authorities who offer a garden waste collection service in their areas.

Residents should apply for their permit by 25 June 2023 to ensure it is in place when the new service begins on 10 July 2023. The permit should be reapplied for annually so it is in place for the start of each financial year on 1 April. When a permit is purchased, the transaction will be logged on the council’s system and the permit will be posted to the resident.

The permit should be attached to the front panel of the bin to ensure it is collected by the council’s crews. Those with a permit should put food and garden waste into their brown bin for collection.

Anyone who does not wish to participate can continue to present their brown bin as normal with food waste only, but if garden waste is placed into the bin without a permit, then it will not be collected until the garden waste is removed or a permit is purchased.

The permit applies to one bin only; a permit must be purchased for each brown bin a resident wishes to be collected. A replacement can be provided should the resident move during the year to another address within Renfrewshire. Additional brown bins and permits can be purchased as required.

Further information on the service, including how to apply for a new or replacement permit, is available on the council’s website.